Saturday, May 15, 2010

List Of Fishes

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Fish and Shellfish

How to differentiate fish from one another:  Taste, texture and fat content.

Straight and to the point description of taste.
This blog is dedicated to learning the many different types of fish you can purchase, cook and order in a restaurant.  No need to be confused and no need to wonder if you will enjoy a particular fish over another.  All fish have different textures and tastes.  Some are wild,  farm-raised while some are known to be raised fresh water fish. Where and how fish grow make the difference in it's taste.  OK, lets get started.
Anchovy:  Offers a strong pungent fish flavor.

Black Cod:  Uniformly velvety smooth, medium-firm and creamy in texture.  Neutral in taste.  Not considered fishy.

Bronzini:   Le Loup de Mer is the real name for Bronzini and it's the European Sea Bass.  Semi-firm white meat with a sweet flavor.  Great for people who don't usually eat fish.  Yum.

Catfish:  Wild Catfish:  Strong taste, on the oily side and have a high fat content.
              Farm Raised:   Clean-mild taste.
Chilean Sea Bass:  White meat fish, mild flavor, firm texture with high fat content.
Cod:  Mild flavor, low fat content with a dense white flesh that flakes easily.
Eel:  Somewhat fishy taste with firm fatty flesh.
Flounder also known as fluke:  Depends where it is caught.  Clear ocean beaches taste more sweet while those caught in harbors have a slightly muddy taste.  Flat-lean fish.

Grouper: Very bland tasting and offers very little fish taste.  Another great fish for people who don't usually order fish.

Halibut:  Type of flat-fish.  Firm white meat - delicately sweet flavor.

Herring:  Very rich oily fish with a strong flavor.

Yellow Tail Kingfish:  Great for Sushi and Sashimi.  Firm texture, more coarse in larger fish.  Mild to strong flavor.

Meckerel:  It's meat is off-white in color and has a strong fishy taste.  Its meat is darker than cod or Tilapia.

Mahi-Mahi:  Taste similar to chicken with a slightly fishy taste.  Texture tender to firm, sweet taste, mildly pronounced flavor with larger moist flake.

Monkfish:  Poor-mans lobster.  Firm in texture.  Mild slightly sweet taste.  The tail is considered poor-mans lobster.

Orange Roughy:   Delicate with a mild flavor.  Medium to firm coarse flakes.

Red Snapper: Offers a mild delicate flavor.  Not unlike flounder but the taste is not as strong as a swordfish.  People call it Red Snapper because of it's skin color not because of the meat color.

Sea Mullet:  Large plump silvery fish.  Very oily, high fat content, very rich distinct strong fishy flavor.  Flesh flakes easily, medium to firm and always tender.

Salmon:  Mild distinct flavor with a soft texture.  If your not much for fish, Salmon is recommended when frequenting restaurants.

Snapper:  Delicate, sweet to mild with soft medium flakes.  Low oiliness.

Sole:  Flat-fish family and mild in taste.  Hides in the mud.

Striped Bass:  Farm raised have a mild sweet flavor with a firm flaky texture.

Sturgeon:  Lean firm meat with a mild flavor.

Swordfish:  Medium fish taste with a firm texture.

Trout:  Species of freshwater and saltwater fish.  Classified as an oily fish.

Tuna:  Blue-fin Tuna most commonly used as sashimi style food.  Many people order Tuna very rare or rare.  Yellow fin Tuna is commonly used for Ahi Tuna dishes.  Very popular, tender and delicious.

Whiting:  Generally considered a cheap fish.  Very delicate and can turn to mush in no time.  A mushy meat.


Blue Claw Crab:  Edible, swimming, beautiful and savory.  Click Here to learn how to eat a Blue Claw Crab the right way.  Learn how to get all of the meat out of a Blue Claw Crab.

Crayfish:  Also known as crawfish and crawdads and resemble small lobsters.  Sauteed, twist and suck the meat out.  Click Here to view pictures of Crayfish.

Lobster:  Eaten steamed hot, steamed then chilled or broiled.  1 1/4 lb. to 2 lb. is recommended.  Time consuming to eat but truly enjoyable too.  Usually lobster is served with drawn butter and lemon.  If eaten chilled many people enjoy dipping the lobster meat into cocktail sauce.  Click Here to view pictures.

Shrimp:  Also known as prawns.  Shrimp does not taste like fish and the texture is coarser than fish.  Shrimp can be eaten chilled, used to make salads and can be sauteed.  Shrimp is used in hundreds of different dishes.  On of the most popular ways to eat shrimp is chilled and dip into cocktail sauce.  Click Here to view pictures of how shrimp is used and served.


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